Convenience Stores

Modern Convenience Store Advertising Signage Increases Profits

Convenience store chains everywhere are grabbing market share from grocery stores by stepping up the quality of their facilities and broadening their product offering. Small, dumpy, over-stuffed stores are quickly being replaced with fresh, large and attractive ones. But the question remains – what’s the best way to get the customers who stop only for fuel to step inside to experience the refreshed store and make a purchase? The answer is fresh, bold and dynamic convenience store advertising signage.

Outdoor advertisements in high-traffic locations such as convenience stores and gas station lanes need to be durable and noticeable but not block traffic or prevent customers from efficiently pumping gas into their car. Fusion Products offers convenience store advertising signage solutions to engage customers, deliver sales messaging and increase in-store purchases, without being bulky, flimsy or outdated.

The Hose Talker™ is the perfect product to add to your fuel pumps, as it attaches directly to the hose and brings your branded messaging right to eye height. The Hose Talker, now available in a variety of colors, can complement your brand and deliver messaging that will send customers into the convenience store. Once inside, they’ll be able to take advantage of a great deal, stretch their legs and check out a new product, or use the restroom then grab a donut on their way out.

Once inside the store, communicating with your customers via convenience store advertising signage shouldn’t stop. Consider adding freestanding, wall mounted and countertop sign holders around your store to promote sales or specific products. Think of the at-the-pump and in-store signage as an extra salesperson telling your customer about the all of the exciting things your convenience store has to offer. By utilizing high quality, durable and sleek sign holders instead of cheap, flimsy ones to complement your refreshed interior, your messaging will catch your customers’ eyes and encourage them to make an additional purchase. You could promote a 2-for-1 sale, highlight new products available, or even clean restrooms – anything to get that customer to come inside. This additional traffic will dramatically increase the probability that your fuel customers will come inside the store to make additional purchases, growing your profits!