First impressions are everything, especially for your retail store. If your customers aren’t captivated by what the messaging they see in your window or storefront, they won’t be incented to come in. Lure in your potential customers and elevate your brand with strategic retail store advertising signage.


Utilize sleek, high quality sign holders
Cheap, plastic sign holders and old-fashioned sandwich boards can require frequent maintenance, easily break and ultimately devalue your brand. By implementing innovative, sturdy sign holders, you will add a luxurious feel to your store environment. Compliment your brand colors by adding a custom color frame for countertop signage, bring attention to messaging in a sleek metallic serpentine free-standing signage display. These small touches will add to the overall look and feel of your store, elevate your brand status and entice customers to shop.


Customize retail store advertising signage holders to fit your needs

Every retail store has a different goal when it comes to communicating with customers. Maybe you want to promote a current sale, detail intricate product features or tell the history of a family business. By customizing your advertising signage holder to fit your needs, you can easily achieve that goal. Think of your in-store signage like an extra employee that can tell shoppers everything they need to know about your brand. Consider adding a gift card display to the bottom of your company’s return policy or vision statement. Highlight product features on the same fixture displaying the product or on the wall next to the rack of product. By combining messaging with your products on customizable advertising signage holders and fixtures, you can upsell, inform and engage with all of your customers.


Messaging is Important

Once you have the perfect product to hold your signage, the next important step is to identify what to put on your signage. Think about the customer journey and what they will experience in your store. Here are some questions to think about to get you started:

  • What differentiates my store at this moment that will attract a customer to come in?
  • What differentiates my store at this moment that will attract a customer to come in?
  • What products do I have on sale right now that I want to focus on highlighting and what makes them special?
  • Is there anything unique about my company philosophy that I want to share with my customers?
  • Will my customers be able to easily find their way around my store, or will they need help finding their way?
  • Where is the best place to highlight my return policy?
  • Are lifestyle photos important to my brand or are product shots better?

By answering these questions and implementing signage accordingly, to you will be able to enhance your customers’ experiences in your store and engage them with your brand.

Fusion Products offers a wide range of customizable fixtures, sign holders and display pieces to complement and enhance your brand. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for on our site? Give us a call to customize a sign holder to fit your space and needs.